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About us

Welcome to the world of PETROLTERV Ltd. dating back to half a century!

Our designing office operates as a purely designing and consulting company since 1967. During the first decades, the main activities of the company were planning tasks necessary for installation and operation of the oil and gas facilities in the southern part of Hungary called South Alföld region. Currently, in addition to the oil and gas industry, our services are required in the chemical, agriculture and heavy industry as well. Our company provides high-quality documentation provided by highly trained professionals with enormous knowledge base and state-of-the-art software background. The mission of PETROLTERV Ltd. is to provide high-quality and reliable engineering design, consultancy and engineering services for its existing and new partners. Our activities are carried out according to standards of international notified bodies.

Founding of our predecessor engineering office
Establishment of process designing discipline/division
Founding of Petrolterv Ltd.
Introducing ISO 9001 quality assurance system
Introducing ISO 9001 quality management system
Ownership independence
Entry into new markets
Introduction of database-driven 3D plant designing system
Introduction of the HYSYS process simulation and sizing system
Introducing ISO 14001 environmental management system



Our activities cover a wide range of engineering expertise in all areas that may be involved in the design and permitting of industrial facilities, so our company can provide full service in a complex way, taking into account the environmental responsibility during the whole preparatory and planning phase.

Expert activity

Based on several decades of engineering practice we conduct expert activities, technical auditing, identification of abnormal operation - optimization of interventions, independent peer reviews and advisory activities, technical due diligence related to investments primarily in the energy sector.

Research and development

In recent years, we were actively involved in research and development co-operation programs with our customers and local universities, where we dealt with increasing energy efficiency of existing complex systems and increasing efficiency of individual process units.

Designing disciplines

Process designing and calculations
Heat and flow simulations
Fire protection and securitysystem design
Site and installation designing
Organization planning
Database driven 3D facility design
Mechanical engineering design
Piping design
Building engineering design
Civil engineering
Steel structure design
Piperack and pipebridge designing
Operation platform designing
Pressure vessel design
Atmospheric vessel design
Tank design
Column designing
Control system design
Data transfer design
Cathodic protection design
Electrical engineering design
Designing of low/medium/high
voltage systems
Lightning protection
Electric shock protection/prevention
Equipotential bonding design
Pipeline designing
Land surveying

Our Products and Services

Our Services

Our Products

Our service sectors

We offer our complete engineering services (regardless of geographic location) for a wide range of projects, including but not limited to:

  • Oil and gas industry

  • Underground gas storage

  • Natural gas transporting and distributing

  • Manufacturing industry

  • Chemical industry

  • Agro-chemical industry

  • Light and heavy industry facilities

Our IT background

In accordance with the mission of the company our goal is to provide a fast, reliable and high-quality service to our customers. Accordingly, PETROLTERV Ltd. has state-of-the-art sizing and database driven 3D design programs and related information technology background. We are committed to organize professional trainings for our employees to enrich their knowledge.

Our management system

Our management system PETROLTERV Ltd. comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standard.

View our certifications and our organizational structure.


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