Hydrogen production and utilization plant (AKVAMARIN Project) – MFGT Zrt.

Hydrogen production plant pilot project – Bükkábrányi Fotovoltaikus Erőmű Projekt Kft.

Designing and permitting works of Loading and unloading station at POLIOL plant – MOL MPK

Vegetable Oil Plant – BOLIO Kft.

Installation of biodiesel storage tanks – ROSSI BIOFUEL Zrt.

Design of Photovoltaic Small Power Plant and Hydrogen Production Unit – UNIVERSITY OF SZEGED


Design of biodiesel production plant – ROSSI BIOFUEL Zrt.

Design of biomass boiler installation – KALL Ingredients Kft.

Starch drying plant designing – KALL Ingredients Kft.

Design of new flare system – HEXUM Földgáz Zrt.

Installation of a new electrically driven compressor in the Kardoskút UGS – MFGT Zrt.


Design of a Cooking oil production plant | NT Kft.

Reconstruction design of a 10.000 m3 capacity storage tank | MOL Nyrt.

Pipeline replacement design crossing the river Tisza | MOL Nyrt.

CH condensate stabilization plant design | MMBF Zrt.

High capacity flare system designing | MMBF Zrt.


Commissioning of new oil wells, crude oil gathering station development design | MOL Nyrt.

Column designing tasks for BORSODCHEM | MVM OVIT Zrt.

Recovery designing after fire accident | MFGT Zrt.

Design work for the installation of a nitrous oxide production equipment | LINDE GÁZ Zrt.

Increase the efficiency of gas preparation | MFGT Zrt.


Design of alcohol plant and alcohol plant tank farm | Visonta Projekt Kft.

Gathering station and gas preparation plant designing | O&G Central Kft.

Design tasks due to gas field development, increasing capacity of existing gas preparation technology | MOL Nyrt.

Pipeline designing tasks at concession areas | O&G Central Kft.

Technical due diligence of a DSO operator | PÖYRY-ERŐTERV Zrt.


Increasing the capacity of the propane cooling circuit | MVM ERBE Zrt.

Geothermal power plant design | MOL Nyrt. – CEGE Zrt.

Cold and hot condensate storage system design | MMBF Zrt.

Technological review to increase production | MOL Nyrt.

Technical property valuation | MFGT Zrt.


Distillation plant and tank farm design | Tisza-TK Projekt Kft.

EOR project using polymer-surfactant | MOL Nyrt.

Waste gas recovery system design | VABEKO Kft.

Sewage treatment lake system design | TVK Nyrt.

Commissioning of new oil wells, crude oil gathering station development design | MOL Nyrt.


Reconstruction of technological central heating system | MFGT Zrt.

Portable separator unit design | VABEKO Kft.

Reduction of the hydrogen sulfide content of associated gases | MOL Nyrt.

Commissioning of new gas wells, gas preparation plant development designing | MOL Nyrt.

Designing of geothermal test unit | MOL Nyrt. – CEGE Zrt.


Making of P&ID diagrams for HAZOP analysis | MOL Nyrt.

Expansion of oil storage capacity at gathering stations | MOL Nyrt.

Reconstruction of Zsana UGS glycol regenerators | EON Földgáz Storage Zrt.

Reconstruction of fire water system | MOL Nyrt.

Technical due diligence of MMBF UGS plant | MSZKSZ Zrt.

Before 2013

Gas preparation and condensate stabilization plant design | HHE Kft.

Portable gas gathering station designing | HHE Kft.

High pressure transmission pipeline designing | Olajterv Zrt.

Designing works for UGS entering and CCTV system installation | EON Földgáz Storage Zrt.

Designing of flare gas recovery system at Zsana UGS | EON Földgáz Storage Zrt.

Well site and pipeline systems designing at MMBF UGS | MOL Nyrt.

CH condensate stabilization plant designing | HHE Kft.

2RDS compressors replacement designing at Kardoskut gas plant | MOL Nyrt.

Design of a drilling fluid preparation plant | Rotary Fúrási Zrt.